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Antikey PM TM
- Fights against "keystroke-logger" spyware
- Manages user IDs and passwords
Automatically fills password blank with one mouse-click!
Features two powerful functions in one program:
  • Password manager saves your user Ids and passwords in an encryption-protected file. Then, with one click of the mouse, the program will automatically fill in the password or user ID field.
  • Anti-keystroke-logger application uses the on-screen soft keyboard for entering sensitive data such as passwords.
No popup ads! No private data collected!

Use either the soft keyboard or the saved data to enter user ID and password

For just $18.00 US dollars!
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Payments will be handled by ShareIt, using secure HTTP protocol for all credit card processing.
Key features:
  • Encryption-protected file with one master password
  • On-screen soft-keyboard using Qwerty- or ABC-style
  • Fills in blank password or ID field with a single mouse-click
  • Compatible with Web-based and non-Web applications
  • Drag-and-drop operations on the list to rearrange data rows
  • Allows variable number of data rows visible on the screen
  • Optional "Quick launch" of the program from the System-Tray

Supported hardware and OS:
Antikey PM runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP

What are "keystroke-logger" or "keystroke-recorder" programs?

Keystroke-logger programs are spyware software or malware that install themselves into victims' computers without their knowledge. The programs record every keystroke users type and may transmit the captured information to secret Internet locations, with the intent to steal victims' private data, including passwords and user IDs.